Synthetic Ice Rinks

We Install Synthetic Ice Rinks in Wilton, CT & the Surrounding Areas

Compared to refrigerated ice, synthetic ice is much cheaper! It doesn’t require water or refrigeration so essentially, you’ll have no added cost to your electrical or water bills. We can place these ice rinks wherever you’d like, including your garage or even your basement. This way you can enjoy ice time all year long.

These synthetic ice rinks fit together like a puzzle in 4’ x 8’ ice sheets. These ice sheets are treated with a lubricated solution that reduces friction and enhances the glide and speed for your skating experience. When you skate on this ice, your blade creates heat and causes a release of the lubricants, which gives you a feeling of skating on real ice. 

Get One Today!

If you have questions about synthetic ice rinks or would like a free estimate, please call us or submit a request online. We’re ready to get started right away.

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