Basketball Courts

High-Performance Basketball Court Surfaces in Wilton, CT

We partner with VersaCourt so our customers can get the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. These basketball courts are ideal for residential backyards and professional courts because they incorporate the most recent advancements in technology, ensuring a comfortable and safe surface. The ¾" thick, shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball rebound with exceptional game performance. Furthermore, the courts from VersaCourt have a super grip surface design that allows for greater safety when jumping and turning in close proximity. 

VersaCourt has a patented 6-point locking mechanism and Swiss-designed and manufactured 16-injection point tooling, which has allowed them to manufacture the flattest, most uniform game court tiles on the market. This flatness and tight locking mechanism allows for the truest, most responsive ball bounce of any tile available today.

So what are you waiting for?

Get One Today! 

If you have any questions or want a basketball court installed on your property, be sure to give us a call or submit a request online.

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