Westport, CT

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Westport, CT is a coastal town located along Long Island Sound in Fairfield County. Situated just 47 miles above New York City, this classic community offers a little something for everyone. An easy metropolitan commute and a lovely natural landscape make Westport an appealing destination for all sorts of visitors. It doesn't get much better than this!

Believe it or not, the earliest known inhabitants of the Westport area date back 7,500 years. Thanks to a series of archaeological finds, we've been able to piece together a rich history for the local region. Since the early days, Westport has acted as home to a strong school system, a series of scientific institutions, and a number or reputable inhabitants; most notably, legend of the silver screen (and salad dressing impresario) Paul Newman!  

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As of 2010, Westport boasted a population of more than 26,000 residents, including over 9,000 households, and 7,000 families. Since then, the local community has only continued to evolve and expand. Whether you're starting a family or developing a burgeoning business, Westport provides the right backdrop for success.

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