Darien, CT

Making Darien, CT a Better Place to Live

Situated in the heart of Fairfield County, Darien, CT is regarded as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. All sorts of professionals flock to this convenient community thanks to a laid-back atmosphere and a simple commute to Manhattan. Due to this ambitious population, Darien has consistently earned a place on CNN Money's annual list of top-earning towns.

Not only does the local community feature a bustling economy, but Darien provides the perfect backdrop to raise a family. We've already talked about the the area's distinction as a top-earner, but did you know that Darien is served by one of the finest school systems in the nation? It's true! When US News published their list of the "Best High Schools in Connecticut" back in 2013, Darien High School earned the top spot. On top of a high-quality education system, Darien features a redeveloped downtown district, an array of parks and beaches, and a welcoming youth center. This place has truly got a little something for everyone.

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